The flow of Qi, or life force energy, is the basiss of Chinese Medicine.  Qi Gong has helped people attain serenity, physical health and life enhancement for thousands of years. It is a gentle movement practice that soothes the spirit, releases powerful healing energy, tones the body and enhances balance.


Self-Healing Qi Gong Meditation has been passed down through 38 generations of Ni family healers; the practice is demonstrated by Dr. Mao Shing Ni, renowned doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine.


In This 95-minute DVD Dr. Mao helps us understand the causes of disease and demonstrates techniques to help us relieve many common physical conditions. With daily practice we can enhance our health, achieve relaxation and return our bodies to their natural shapes. We can lose weight and tighten our stomachs. Self-Healing Qi Gong Meditation has the potential to positively change our lives.


Note: Consult your physician before beginning any exercise programs. Results may be obtained through disciplined and correct practice of Qi Gong. Qi Gong is intended to be used as a supplement to proper medical care, and is not intended as a replacement.


















The Tao of Fertility is filled with the voices of women telling their stories of the journey from the despair of infertility to the miracle of conception.








DVD: Self Healing

Qi Gong Meditation